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2018 Spalding® Limited Edition King of the Beach® Outdoor Professional Tour Beach Volleyball

$ 49.95 $ 50

The 2018 Spalding® Limited Edition King of the Beach® All Weather Outdoor Professional Tour Ball. 

THE OFFICIAL TOUR BALL OF THE SPALDING® KING OF THE BEACH® AND QUEEN OF THE BEACH™ TOUR.   Our volleyballs are ranked highest by  most major retailers worldwide!  And now, the new King of the Beach® is here and designed exclusively in Manhattan Beach, California, the Mecca of global beach volleyball.  

The 18 panel ball construction features reinforced, hand stitched, all new, premium SandTech™ composite leather. Our new 2018 100% butyl bladder provides the best air retention available in the industry. Why play beach volleyball with anything else? The King of the Beach® volleyballs are designed for the highest level of competitive outdoor volleyball play. Sand, grass, concrete or snow, our ball is preferred by amateur and professional players world wide. Rule the Court™ all season long with the new 2018 Spalding® King of the Beach® All Weather Outdoor Professional Tour Ball.

A Ball on Every Beach™.


  • Designed in California by King of the Beach®
  • Premium new 2018 all-weather composite SandTech™ leather
  • Durable all-new 100% butyl bladder 
  • Hand stitched construction
  • SandTech™ composite leather ensures durability and superior rotation and flight
  • Top performance on the sand, grass, c
  • Made in Vietnam  
  • 26- 27 inches, and  9.2 to 9.9 ounces, with a Psi of 2.5. 
To inquire about equipment for Organizations, Clubs, and Schools please email contact@kingofthebeach.com for a special quote!  

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