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2019 Mikasa® King of the Beach® All Weather Outdoor Professional Tour Ball

$ 49.99

Accepting Preorders Now! Limited availability until 2020 

Official Release Date Summer 2019 

THE OFFICIAL TOUR BALL OF THE MIKASA® KING OF THE BEACH® AND QUEEN OF THE BEACH™ TOUR. Our volleyballs are ranked highest by most major retailers worldwide!  And now, the new King of the Beach® is here and designed exclusively in Manhattan Beach, California, the Mecca of global beach volleyball.  

The 18 panel ball construction features reinforced, hand stitched, all new, premium SandTech™ composite leather. Our new 2018 100% butyl bladder provides the best air retention available in the industry. Why play beach volleyball with anything else? The King of the Beach® volleyballs are designed for the highest level of competitive outdoor volleyball play. Sand, grass, concrete or snow, our ball is preferred by amateur and professional players worldwide. Rule the Court™ all season long with the new 2018 Mikasa® King of the Beach® All Weather Outdoor Professional Tour Ball.

A Ball on Every Beach™.


  • Designed in California by King of the Beach®
  • Premium new 2019 all-weather composite SandTech™ Leather
  • Durable all-new 100% butyl bladder 
  • Hand stitched construction
  • SandTech™ composite leather ensures durability and superior rotation and flight
  • Top performance on the sand, grass, snow  
  • 26- 27 inches, and  9.2 to 9.9 ounces, with a Psi of 2.5. 

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