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Spalding® King of the Beach® Volleyball Shoulder Bag

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Spalding® Volleyball Shoulder Bag

12 Ball Bag

Spalding®'s sling style volleyball bag is perfect for coaches and competitive players alike. The bag is made to be easy to manage, light and clean and holds up to 12 fully inflated Spalding® King of the Beach® Or Queen of the Beach™ Volleyballs.

The bag features an additional zipper pocket, detachable/adjustable strap and a sand drain. The XL eyelet on the bottom of the bag keeps the bag from filling up and taking on weight. You can practice hard and leave the sand at the beach!

  • 100% Nylon
  • Drawstring closure
  • Outer zipper pocket
  • Removable / adjustable shoulder strap 
  • XL sand drain
  • Holds up to 12 fully inflated Balls



King of the Beach® / Queen of the Beach™ / Spalding®


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