King of the Beach® was founded in 1983, together with Sideout® on the belief that there is a higher level of consciousness to be found within one’s self through personal journeys that the global volleyball, surf and beach lifestyle provides. The company prides itself on making quality apparel, outerwear, footwear, beach volleyballs and accessories and holding some of the greatest beach events on the planet.

King of the Beach® products are here to enhance your experience and journey to the sea under one lifestyle.


"Everyday feels like a Sunday when you are playing volleyball on a beach with a  Spalding King Of The Beach ball".  

Glenn T. Morgan

"Hi! Here's a coupon I won at an AVA tournament. Im really excited to have my very own Spalding Queen Of The Beach ball. Cant wait to hit the sand!"

Bianca Greydinger

"King & Queen Of The Beach Balls are the best volleyball on the market. I'm so happy to have KOB as a Sponsor." 

Daron Forbes

"First I would like to say I love your volleyballs, they are the only volleyball I will play with."

Tanner Waatti

"My name is David Neeke all the way from Tanzania Africa. I'm really interested of King Of The Beach tournaments. We use the King Of the Beach balls all the time out here Africa and want to order more."

David Neeke

2018 King of the beach retailers