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Designed by the developers of Amiga "Over the Net" and first iOS vintage version, Miramar's "King of the Beach" - Beach Volleyball has been completely rewritten to provide maximum fun and simple controls. The 3D game visuals provide full immersion and involvement in a single action. Enjoy you to challenge all the teams in the tournament, getting stronger and competitive.

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Guest Star Sinjin Smith

Hagen Smith, Miramar® Brand Ambassador

Miramar® King of the Beach® Brand Ambassador

College: Smith played four seasons at UCLA, ending his career fourth in program history in assists and sixth in digs.
Personal: Smith had an amazing 2022 Season, winning the CBVA Manhattan Beach Open and the CBVA Hermosa Beach Open with his partner, Jake Dietrich. The pair went on to place fifth at the AVP Hermosa Beach Open , seventh at the Manhattan Beach Open and third at the AVP Chicago Open. Smith's father, Sinjin, is a volleyball Hall of Fame member and 1996 Olympian. Sinjin was an All-American setter at UCLA while his cousin, Brian Robinson, competed in water polo at UCLA. Smith was named in honor of another Volleyball Hall of Famer, Ron Von Hagen (who played just one tournament with Sinjin, finishing fifth). Smith was a 2013 Volleyball Magazine Fab 50 selection.  

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