The 2024 Miramar King of The Beach Volleyball by Mikasa

$ 54.99


The 2024 Miramar King of the Beach outdoor volleyball by Mikasa is  designed and engineered by Miramar at Santa Monica Beach, the birthplace of beach volleyball.  Created by Olympian and Six-Time World Champion Sinjin Smith.  The KOB-PRO is endorsed by AVP, King of the Beach and Queen & King of the Court champion Hagen Smith.  Hagen Smith is the new face of the game fresh off notable global wins with partner Logan Webber and a spectacular 2023 season.

The KOB-PRO, considered by many to be the greatest beach volleyball ever made, is now celebrating 40 years of black, white and gold.  Over two million units sold, making this ball the undisputed King of the Beach.  

The KOB-PRO is the Official Tour Outdoor Beach Volleyball of The 2024 Queen & King of the Court Crown Series, the 2024 King & Queen of the Beach global tours and events and has partnered with The Amateur Athletic Union , the International School Sports Federation, The National Collegiate Sand Volleyball Association, The California Interscholastic Federation, Beach Volleyball National Events,  Smackfest, Emerald Coast Volleyball, Seaside Volleyball, The Motherlode, Model Volleyball, White Sands and more.

Miramar King of the Beach  and King of the Court outdoor volleyballs and related clothing, equipment and accessories are also ranked highest by most major retailers worldwide and are Amazon's Choice.  

Stay tuned to ESPN Live this Summer for the exciting Queen & King of the Court Events, BVNE National Events, BVNE Olympic ClinicsGet Noticed Beach Volleyball Events, and top tours worldwide.  Whether it's sand, grass, concrete or snow, the new 2024 Miramar King of the Beach KOB-PRO, the King of the Court KOC-PRO All Leather and the KOC-GRASS outdoor volleyballs are the preferred balls of amateurs, professionals and Olympic competitors worldwide.




  • Designed and engineered in Santa Monica, California since 1984 by Miramar for King & Queen of the Beach and Queen & King of the Court.  The KOB-PRO is manufactured under license to Mikasa.  
  • Official Ball of the Miramar 2024 Queen & King of the Beach and Queen & King of the Court Tours, Queen & King of the Snow, Queen and King of the Grass, the Amateur Athletic Union, AAU National Championships, AAU Junior Olympic Games, Smackfest, BVNE National Events, The Motherlode, Emerald Coast Volleyball, and other official beach events worldwide.
  • Durable, all-new 100% butyl bladder for 2024.
  • Recessed valve for consistent smooth surface and stable flight.
  • Hand stitched construction.
  • Official size 5.
  • All new and updated 2024 SandTech composite synthetic leather ensures durability, grip and superior rotation and flight.
  • Top performance on the sand, grass, cement and snow.  
  • 26- 27 inches, and  9.2 to 9.9 ounces, with a PSI of 2.5 - 4.0. 
  • Designed in Santa Monica, California.
  • Made in Pakistan.
  • Easily cleaned to comply with local COVID 19 mandates.


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