The 2024 Genuine Leather Miramar King of The Court Volleyball

$ 99.95


The 2024 Miramar King of the Court KOC-PRO genuine leather outdoor volleyball is now exclusively available for pre-order.  

The 2024 Genuine Leather King of the Court by Miramar, owners of the greatest beach volleyball brand ever made is now 40!  The difference is black and white.  And now it’s golden, too!  Designed by Miramar and Olympian Sinjin Smith, the greatest beach volleyball player of all time, in Santa Monica, California, the birthplace of beach volleyball. 

This is the only official Limited Edition genuine leather outdoor beach volleyball commemorating the 2024-2025 Queen & King of the Court Crown Series global tour and events on the market.

The King of the Court KOC-PRO is the preferred genuine leather beach volleyball of top outdoor beach volleyball tour players, including Miramar young gun, Hagen Smith.  Smith and his partner,  recently placed 6th at the 2023 King of the Court Miami, and just came off the highest US Team finishes in this exciting format in Hamburg, Germany and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

Miramar King of the Court  outdoor volleyballs, and related clothing, equipment and accessories are ranked highest by most major retailers worldwide! The new 2024 King of the Court beach volleyball is here, designed by Olympian and 6x World Champion Sinjin Smith in Santa Monica California, the Mecca of global beach volleyball. 


The 2024 18 panel, genuine leather construction is reinforced and hand stitched. 


Miramar King of the Court  outdoor volleyballs feature iconic trademarked black and white coloration with Gold to ensure rapid reads by sophisticated players. Miramar has created the world’s top selling volleyball, with over 2 Million units sold.

The Spring 2024 100% butyl bladder provides the best air retention available in the industry today. Why play beach volleyball with anything else?

The 2024 Miramar King of the Court KOC-PRO outdoor volleyballs are designed for the highest level of competitive outdoor beach volleyball play. That's why the KOC-PRO is the official ball for the global Miramar King and Queen of the Court Tours!

Stay tuned for the exciting King of the Court global events recently held in Doha, Quatar, BVNE National Events, BVNE Olympic ClinicsGet Noticed Beach Volleyball Events, and top tours worldwide.  On the sand, the new 2024 KOC-PRO outdoor volleyball is preferred by top amateurs, professionals and olympic players worldwide.

Rule the Sand and Rule the Court all season long with the all-new 2024 Miramar King of the Court outdoor volleyball for Sportworx.  It's the best Genuine Leather Outdoor Volleyball ever made.  

A Ball on Every Beach.



  • Designed in California by Miramar for Queen & King of the Court play for Sportworx.  
  • Launched in Hamburg, Germany, like The Beatles, this Premium, all-new 2024 Genuine Leather ball is old school.
  • Durable all-new 100% butyl bladder previewed for 2024 
  • Extended valve for consistent ball flight.
  • Hand stitched construction.
  • Top performance on the sand.  
  • Official Size 5, 9.2 to 9.9 ounces, with a PSI of 3.5 to 4.0.
  • Designed in California.
  • Made in Pakistan.


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