King of the Beach, The 10 Most Frequent Words:

Do you work as an undercover agent in a surfing environment? Are you a surfing beginner? Do you need to learn surf slang and jargon in less than an hour? Add the following surf words to your daily vocabulary, and no one will notice you're an apprentice.


All sports have their lingo, and specific words that bring uniqueness to each universe. In the surfing world, there's also a classic accent frequently associated with beach bums and salted water brains.

Accents change over time, and may vary by country or region. Moreover, distinctive pronunciations require time to catch up, so you need to act fast to look and act like a surfer dude.

Ready to add critical expressions to your surf talk? These ten words will make you an expert surfer, in any surf chat:

Awesome: exaggerate whenever you can - the wave was awesomethe ride was awesomethe surfboard is awesome, and you look awesome;
Cool: surfers are usually cool, so be cool and spread coolness - that's coolit sounds cool, and it looks pretty cool;
Dude: a dude is a surfing brother, so keep your peers close - hi dudewhat's up dude?;
Epic: once again, amplify the feat - your drop was epicthe conditions were epic
Gnarly: praise your peers for their extreme stunts - that's gnarlyhe's gnarly all the time;
Kook: a beginner surfer should suffer the cruelties of his/her conditions - he's a kookshe looks like an absolute kook;
Rad: rad is cooler than radical - rad moverad duderad board;
Shred: if you shred, then you perform at a very high level - that guy is shredding that wave;
Sick: a very surfy alternative to uber cool and insane wave or rides - that is a sick wavewhat a sick ride
Stoked: the most heard word in post-heat interviews is used for almost everything, particularly if you're excited or exhilarated - so stoked, man;